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    RJ's brand new album "Living My Dream" was just released on June 21!!

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    "It's been a real pleasure watching R.J. work hard and achieve her success in both the fiddling and studio engineering fields. I don't think I've ever seen anyone more dedicated to excelling at what they do. I'm so proud not only to be working with her in my band, but also to have her engineering in my studio and teaching fiddle at BAM. Her work and practice standards are higher than I've ever seen in anyone and it shows.

    It's a rush and a musical blast to play three part fiddles with her and Hank Singer, and I look forward to every show we get to play together! Her new CD "Living My Dream" is just the start of a wonderful career for a talented and well deserving new young artist. It was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of it. Keep an eye on this dedicated and talented young gal as she continues to advance in stellar fashion on stage, in the studio and at everything else she takes on."

    -Bobby Flores

    " "She plays good for a girl" is what Jimmy Day would have said about RJ. But that rare talent she possesses is blind to gender. Having been classically trained, she is equally at home in a symphonic concert hall, as well as holding her own side by side with virtuosos like Bobby Flores and Hank Singer in a Texas dancehall. RJ's CD, "Living My Dream" contains a variety of traditional hoedowns, Bob Wills and Tommy Jackson style tunes. Her treatment of these old tunes are representative of her love of this music. I am proud to say I'm her fan."

    -Johnny Bush

    "RJ Smith is one of the finest fiddlers / violinists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I get to play with her almost every week in The Yellow Rose Band with Bobby Flores. What a treat it is for me each time! She is precise and consistent with her parts and tuning. Every time she lays the bow to the strings, she gives it 110%. She is one of the few who can make a fiddle sound like a fiddle and a violin sound like a violin. RJ makes us all look and sound good. I am happy to say I count her as one of my best friends also. I encourage anyone who hasn't already seen and heard her to do so at your earliest opportunity. You won't be disappointed!"

    -Hank Singer

    "I have always been a BIG fan of FM. For those who don't know the REAL definition of FM, it means FIDDLE MUSIC. RJ is a classically trained violinist who has accomplished in the six years since she began learning fiddle what a lot of fiddle players do in a lifetime. She plays with good feel, great tone, and incredible accuracy. When RJ plays, you won't be able to hold still! So when you have the opportunity hear her play, DO IT! You'll love it."

    -George Chambers

    5.04.18 River Club with Bobby Flores
    Proctor, TX
    5.12.18 Kendalia Hall with Bobby Flores
    Kendalia, TX
    5.13.18 Martinez Hall with Jimmie Bolado
    San Antonio, TX
    5.19.18Star Trail Ride with Kelly Spinks
    Star, TX
    6.03.18 Geronimo VFW with Jimmie Bolado
    Geronimo, TX
    6.08.18 Snyder Swing Festival with Bobby Flores
    Snyder, TX
    6.15.18Legends of Western Swing Festival with Bobby Flores
    Wichita Falls, TX
    6.21.18Private Event with Starlight String Quartet
    San Antonio, TX

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