• Bobby Flores - "11 Roses"

    Bobby Flores - "Fast Company"

    North Central Christian Church"Sing Together" 

    Bekah Kelso - "Within the Shifting Shade"

    Stan Howe -  "Turn Me Loose and Let Me Sing" 

    Jim Chestnut - "Sippin' Whiskey"

    Hayden James -"Mr. Record Man"

    Vance Lane - "Night Life"

    Matt Adler -

    Allan Hendrickson -"Turn Back the Time"

    KR Wood -

    Jack Phillips -




    RJ has engineered sessions for the following artists:

    Brenda Cohn-

    Bill Mock- Past and Present

    Stan Howe- Turn Me Loose and Let Me Sing

    Janice Maynard - I'll Take My Chances

    Ron Knuth, Ken Garrett and Curtis Potter - Songs of the Cherokee Cowboy

    RJ Smith - Living My Dream

    Erica James - Tempest

    Jim Raby - Tribute to the Kings of Texas Dancehalls

    Randy Hood - He's Still a Cowboy at Heart

    Hayden James - Mr. Record Man

    Vance Lane - Night Life

    Hilton Johnson

    Coby Carter - Legends

    Randolph Flores

    Jake Penrod

    Boomerhood- Boomerhood

    Twyla Foreman - Sing

    Rick Cavender- Renegade Fire

    Jack Phillips - Jack Phillips

    Brady Honeycutt

    Zac Clifton

    Chris Harbach


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